The Sibley/Monroe
World List of Bird Names

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File Distribution

  • The main list holding the names of 9702 species can be obtained in one format only:
    • DOS/Windows format list of species: list in zipped format.  Length is 148.678 bytes.  Use DOS's pkunzip to uncompress to obtain an ascii file.  Version February 17, 1998, 18:29.
  • ASCII format list of incipient species: list of incipient species in ascii format.  Length is 149.537 bytes. NOT officially part of the Sibley/Monroe works.  Version February 2, 1996, 09:08.
  • ASCII format list of species considered to be extinct: list of extinct species in ascii format.  Length is 4.967 bytes.  Also NOT officially part of the Sibley/Monroe works.  Version September 11, 1996, 19:05.
  • ASCII format list of families: list of S/M families.  Length is 16.068 bytes.  Version July 14, 1995, 12:39.
  • ASCII file containing overview of changes/errata to the main S/M list since first installation.  Last update: March 24, 1997.

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